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November 09, 2011


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Oh, Susan! How I've missed your blogging! You know, I think you are one of the few lucky ones who can get away with still being 'cute' from the rear side. I'd still hang it on your wall at home!

Dana Openshaw

Oh dear - I feel guilty. Was this because I leaned on Rick when he asked what I wanted for my birthday? Yep, I am sure it is. Because my reply was, "Maybe an updated family picture for me to take on my mission, since the only one I have is a snapshot taken at Paul's baptism." Oops! Sorry!! Hope the boys still like me!!!

L. Black

Loved your post. This is why we don't get a family picture taken every year too. Too much grumbling. We are trying to get something together before Christmas, but it isn't working out so far. Maybe I can borrow your family picture for my Christmas cards!


can't stop giggling about this one, maybe because we too have had similar experiences:) I love the picture!


You have a cute butt Susan! We call our mummer Lamanetta! These are the moments when you look back at life, bring a smile.


I'm so glad we're not the only family with this kind of family picture story!


Isn't this how all family pictures go? I'm sure you've noticed we don't get a family pic every year...that would be just too painful for some people! I think your Christmas cards should include this picture as well as a picture done drawn by J. That would be great!


YES! Love this post. :) And your family picture. haha

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