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November 18, 2011


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Laura Muir

What a cool post! Thanks for the good review! Your photos are A.May.Zing! I am jealous that I can't photograph anywhere near how well you do! Love Love Love your pics! I am glad you liked the Bundle! :)


Food Porn!


Beautiful photos! Makes me want yummy fresh food!


I second this review! Can I do that, since my "review" is really just a post to Laura's facebook wall saying something like, "Hey girl, I made your yummy rolls today... they're so good, I've gained 10lbs eating them!" ??? You have a much more eloquent way of putting things. I have purchased (or share purchased) a few bundles and they are totally worth what you pay. I use her recipe blog alot too! Man, I am surrounded by wonderful and talented women!

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