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May 18, 2010


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I've gotten honks in Provo just because some people feel the need to be inappropriate, but luckily no rude yells. I'd say ignore it. You're doing a greater good by running than that person is by trying to insult you.


It's a bummer that we, as humans, judge so quickly. And, often, we are even quicker to anger. I know I am guilty of it. :) I am glad YOU learned patience from it and are willing to share the same lesson with us. (Sadly, I doubt the driver of the silver sedan took anything positive from it today...probably blogging (or tweeting or facebooking...) right now about the "idiot jogger" in the middle of the road this morning.) ;) Just shows YOU can be the bigger person.

Keep on jogging in that storage lane! Your hips deserve an even running surface!

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