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May 19, 2010


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Julie B.

Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful memory. I still crave time in the mountains, but no tents for me. Been there, done that. It's Camp Holiday Inn for me now.


You write with such clarity, I can completely hear and see everything you describe! And the camping memories--as much as I complained about going to the mountains so often, I find myself missing it. I loved the campfire and walking on trails. I HATED the sound of the wind in the trees back then. I probably ruined it for everyone, crying and such. I actually enjoy the sound now--childhood is an interesting place. Yes, we are lucky to have a mother to guide us through it so well.


Ahhhh! I have such good memories of camping too. I miss it and wish that my children had experienced what we did up in the mountains - except that one time when we were evacuated because a flood was coming. Scary!!!! Anyway, I enjoyed your blog today. We are lucky to have such a terrific mother.

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