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March 24, 2010


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I thought the same thing as Mary B. Growing up, we used to have our garage go up and down everyday when a neighbor left for work in the morning. My room was right over the garage so I felt it every morning and I knew it wasn't my dad because we didn't keep our cars in the garage. Now that I think of it, I never even mentioned it to my parents. And we lived there for 6 years... probably should've mentioned something. Glad there was no freak mouse coming to attack!


Don't feel bad about thinking your cat opened the garage...my cat can open the door from our garage to the house. She jumps up and holds onto the handle over and over until it opens! Wonder-Cat!!


Remember in San Diego when a plane would fly over the house just right and our garage door would open? That's weird stuff. Or maybe you have a nearby neighbor who's garage opener is set just like yours so their opener works on yours too? Or, did you ever see that commercial where the guy is flipping the switch in his house to figure out what it goes to and every time he does, the neighbor's garage door goes up and down? I'm sure it would be a hassle, but maybe you could turn your opener off (or unplug? or lock?) at night.

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