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February 17, 2010


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Hello, my name is JoAnn, and I'm a sugarholic. Great reminder to watch what I eat. 5 days (good start and hoping for longer) of choosing wisely... I can do that. Thanks for the post Susan!


He said kids on the playground were soft...back then! And here I thought it was a problem more recently. And remove jams and jellies?! What will Mikey eat with his daily peanut butter sandwich? Oh me, oh my... (heavy sigh).


You have a candy problem, I have a baked goods problem. I had a bowl full of cake and ice cream for breakfast. And I can assure you that I've had that same meal probably everyday since Saturday. But it's definitely time to stop that. The birthday's over, and I have pasta with vegetables for lunch! Hurray! Thanks for the video, it was definitely a good message to hear.

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