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February 16, 2010


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I must admit I've actually enjoyed the fact that I haven't had to deal with class Valentine's for a few years. I've also noticed over the years that it's much more fun to create (Valentines or whatever) out of choice rather than "because I have to."
I must also admit that I've never really like conversation hearts (although, I do like your saying suggestions and would definitely buy those!) But, for your future reference, Brach's makes conversation hearts too, and Ellisa says they're not too bad. She noticed the difference in Necco as well and wasn't impressed.

Julie B.

I loved this! I can so relate. I had a bag of hearts on the kitchen table and would grab a handful every time I walked by. Needless to say I walked by often. You're right- they don't taste all that good- but that didn't stop me. What I found out this year that was sad- I couldn't even read what was on the hearts! My eyes are so bad they were all a blur. I guess we're all getting a little older. Stinks, huh.

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