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January 26, 2010


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I could have belived that was you in high school! LOL!


This is hilarious!! You are too funny. How do you think these things up??

Kayla R.

LOVE IT!!! try my face sometime..HA HA


Susan, I need air to breath!! I laugh so hard!
I think my hudband hid samething. It is fun.
I laugh enough. Thank you. you made my day!

Alicia Fish

That was just so funny. I loved it. Wedding picture and all.


You crack me up! These pictures gave me my chuckle for the day -- thanks! I started wondering how I might look with Ronald McDonald hair.

P.S. I still think you look best in person:)


I have to say my favorite is the Rondald McDonald model...that fro! Oh my goodness! As for the "photoshop glasses"...I think that's a great idea...maybe Heavenly Father already has some and that's why he can see beyond our imperfections....maybe we should try to look beyond them too.
Great post, as usual....I love you!

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