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January 28, 2010


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Oh Susan...I feel so awful! I had no idea you were in so much pain back then or that the video causes so much for you now. I'm sure no one meant any harm and that the video will be destroyed. Please know that none of us ever thought of you as "fat" and the video was only humorous in that you had no idea you were being filmed. We all love you very much and think you are so beautiful!! Please forgive me/us.


I forgot to add that I have always thought you were beautiful; back then and now.


Hi, my princess Susan, I should have known your past figure when we lived together. You know what, I now respect you more. You could be my mentor. For me, you were the perfect creature. I could not imagine you had that fat period of time. Conclusion, you lost and transformed into a beautiful princess by your effort, that is great achivement! What I was admired recently, was the lady called antishay. please check her on youtube.She showed her losing weight process from the beginning. I got hope from her.You also encouraged me that I can be if i make effort like you did. Thanks for sharing your thought. I like your expression I shovelled apple pie into my mouth. I feel I am not the only one on the earth eating like that. I feel a little bit better.Sorry.You did not like your catapillor era, now you are butterfly. Butterfly can not go back to previous shape. Your past encourages people that is for sure.


Susan - I don't know what to say, but sorry I guess. I don't see you the same way as you see yourself. If you think that you were fat in the video, than I am obese, because I am sure that I weigh much more than you did in the video. I will make sure that that section of the video doesn't get transferred to DVD when Emma does it. Please forgive us. We love you and meant no harm.

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