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November 18, 2009


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lay it down flat outside in your back yard and make it a planter garden!! Different slots for different herbs, and veggies!! :)


Alan always does projects while I am out of town.... What does that say about me? Oh and I don't go out of town too often...


I was thinking the bookshelf would make a good double headboard for 2 twin beds... think of all the kid treasures that thing could hold. You could put cute little fabric bins in it for toys. I would come over and be jealous of you for having a bedroom with 9 feet of space.

And as far as the brick project, having seen the before, during, and after- it looks gorgeous and you were totally right to do it. The mason that cemented the bricks to the sheetrock in the first place was the one in the wrong....


Susan - This made me laugh right out loud. Your description of buying, bringing home and then storing your new purchase made my day! I can hardly wait to see what you finally do with this latest purchase. It seemed like a good purchase to me and I know you will find a good use for it. Especially since books are such a part of you and your family. Could you start your own lending library in your garage??

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