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October 08, 2009


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That seals it. You are my funniest friend. Thanks for sharing...I've HEARD about the Diva cup but it sounded to weird to try it. Now I'm intrigued...you should email this to the Diva cup company - it is great commercial material!!


Oh Susan! That is one hilarious story!


This is so dang funny! I have never heard of the Diva Cup! Learned something new today... check!


ha ha ha!!!


Hilarious! I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. My makeup is a smeared mess. That story is something that would happen to me. I know your feelings well. This could be my favorite of all your posts!



Although I'd totally ask for the x-rays later on! I suspect that the x-ray featuring the diva would make a really cool cover for a book on femininity or feminism - should you ever choose to write one!
...Or maybe I'm just weird to think that...

At least you got to see the results, of all the x-rays I've ever had done, not once have I ever gotten to check out my own skeleton - which just isn't fair, after all - it's MY skeleton!

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