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October 19, 2009


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Susan Hayward


Gluten free is better known as fun-free. Necessary for some of us, yes. But definitely the pits.

Susan Hayward


I had much more will power in college. I was actually a little too strict with myself. I mean, I went to Europe and didn't eat any gelato. How stupid was that? I seem to swing from saint to sinner all the time. Now I need to exercise more to make up for all the treats!

Susan Hayward


I feel your pain. There are more of us carboholics than I realized. Too bad about your husband crossing to the dark side. The way I got off sugar a month or so ago was to eat way more protein, like from an animal, not nuts or tofu. Somehow that convinced my body that it was happy. But all it took was one little slip and I was a goner.

May you survive this heinous holiday season without as much sugar, but with just as much fun (are the two mutually exclusive, or inclusive? I can't decide.).

Emily U

I never knew there was a name for my condition until I read your post! I, too, am a carboholic. I allow myself to buy one bag of candy corn each season, knowing I will eat the whole thing myself (this usually happens around August 31, when the stores come out with Halloween candy). I will make one batch of decorated Halloween sugar cookies, knowing I won't be able to stop myself from eating them all.

My condition has become seriously worse since my husband has gone all whole-grain & no sugar. His triglycerides were high (genetics) and he'll do anything to avoid the Type II diabetes both of his parents have. Once he got his blood work back he's sworn off all simple carbs and never looked back. I don't know where he gets his iron will, but I certainly don't share it. So now when I bake, I'm REALLY doomed to eat it all myself.

I've stopped baking as much as I used to (and started leaving the sugar out of my granola, it's sweetened with 1/2 cup molasses and 1/2 cup honey per ~15 cups granola - it's still pretty good) but I make up for the lack of sweets at home at the bakery and the vending machine. And now I feel more guilty about it because there's something so intentional about walking up to a vending machine, putting in my dollar, and getting 300 calories worth of sugar...


I gain my friend. I made chololatecookies 36pieces and I ate 2/3 by myself!! and same week I baked again and I quit making but I often think to bake. I complelety undestand. But when you were in college I never seen you eating sweets. How could you manage that when you were college? Every time when I ate sweets I though, How could Susan hesitate to eat this yummy food? But no guilty!! You did good job so far. I gain 10pounds within a month. I better quit sweets with you!!
I enjoyed your blog, I laughed a lot. thanks.

Brianne Barnson

Auntie Susan! Its ok I'm on a 3 week torture experience of NO carbs,wheat, sugar, gluten, starches, etc. We can suffer together. BUT we both know we feel better when we do it.... :p


Have you tried stevia yet? You can bake with it, and although it does not produce the same results as sugar, it manages to satisfy my cravings, although you are still not eliminating carbs...


Oh, Susan! I'm so sorry! It's all my fault for bringing goodies to your house. I brought Laura down, too. I think...OK, I KNOW...that I'm a carboholic too! Is there a group for that? I might need some help.

Paisley Kleinhenz

I completely understand and was just explaining this exact senario to my YWs class yesterday for our lesson about Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom. I too am a carboholic!

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