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September 29, 2009


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Wow, take me back! I can still smell the fixer- especially the time I was running a lab and accidentally poured in the concentrate! Thanks for being so introspective about all of this. I am on auto-pilot too much of the time and I enjoy your thoughts- especially because I relate to much of what you write about. Thanks. Keep it up.


I TOTALLY LOVE that you linked with the Brady's!!! I love that song too-ask my kids, I always sing it! Those outfits! The girls were covered well up top but then looked like go-go dancer/hooker from the waist down...what was up with that? Sure am glad styles changed! If your boys are ever stumped for Halloween costumes they could be the Brady boys! :p
I hope your new plan makes you happy! :)


Maybe it's because I've been in front of the computer since I was 11 years old...but I like photoshop - it lets me do things with photos that I could never have the patience to learn how to do in the dark room.

We had to spend a day or two in the dark room as part of my photography 101 class - the frustration you feel with Photoshop is the frustration I felt with the enlargers. Always a few seconds off, and always a few seconds too slow - I never could create a well-developed photo. And even if I had - all those FINGERPRINTS! X_x Every photo I touched was bound to have a stray fingerprint or two (even if I did do my best to hold it on the edges like the instructor showed us). As magical and wonderful the process is, it's one that I know that I would really struggle to learn, so I'm pretty thankful for photoshop...until the program freezes and refuses to respond!

The best pictures are always the ones you as the photographer wanted to take! :)

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