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September 17, 2009


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Forced Sissy Chastity

hm... thank you.

Acne Treatment

Make up a mixture of baking soda and water, using the same amount of each. Rub into your skin. Mix some sugar into some olive oil.
This will reduce acne.


PNZ48C I want to say - thank you for this!


d8Tzmr I want to say - thank you for this!


I used to use lemons on my face when I was a teenager, but not for acne...for lightening freckles. (Didn't work for either!) What does work is Proactive (but, it's not the economical recomendation you're looking for...and you have to be really diligent!) So my favorite is Clearasil Ultra with salacilic acid along with Neutragena's skin clearing foundation/concealer when I use makeup.

BTW, I have NEVER noticed a zit anywhere on your face!


I suspect that if the true cure for acne was no sugar...I'd live with the acne. There is a link between acne and diet - especially dairy (I haven't been able to tell if lowering my dairy intake has any effect on my acne because I just stopped taking all those crazy meds that cleared up my acne but not my other problems). But maybe lower the dairy? IDK.

Other than that, if you find a cure (that doesn't involve living a life without sugar) - definitely let me know!

Last of all...YOU HAVE ACNE!?!? I don't think I've ever seen you with a single zit! (Because of my light skin - zits on me are like big red Xs on ultra white paper - you can't miss em!)

Susan Hayward

Thanks to everyone. I will ice my face tonight, call my mother (she knows best), and (sigh) stay away from sugar and drink more water. I will attempt to pay more attention to my face as well--which I guess does not mean staring at it every night wishing I could photoshop myself into a new person.


Susan, I love this blog of yours! I just found you through Melanie's Prattlenog. (I'm at Marylhurst too.)

Anyway, "from the inside out" is the only thing that works. I'm about ten years ahead of you, and I have had more acne in adulthood than I EVER had in my teen years. It drives me crazy!

Product lines I like: My Chelle and Avalon Organics.

But the face does not clear up until I: deal with stress (vitamins are necessary and an occasional acupuncture appt doesn't hurt); eat enough fiber; stay away from sugar; get enough probiotics (yogurt); stay hydrated.

It's the paying attention to it that I don't like. Can't my face just pay attention to itself?

And I've bookmarked you. Your photos are very happy-making.

Brooke Free

"ice" your face every night. You take an ice cube and rub it all over your face until it has completely melted. For me I have to do it (or at least I should :D) because it helps you from getting the huge boil like painful ones. If you do get them it takes the pain out and helps them go away faster. You don't have the same problems that I do. Your skin always looks great. :D


Oh, Susan...you NEVER look half as bad as you make it sound. You always look beautiful!
Do you remember when Mom had a drink a few sips of water that had been boiled with lemons in it to help with the acne? You should ask her the details on that (because I don't remember if it involved more than boiling with lemons). I guess the idea was to work from the inside out. Good luck!

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