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July 28, 2009


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My house will almost be to myself (just my 3 year old at home) but that will be a huge difference since I've been homeschooling the other four for the last year!! My mind is swimming with all the possibilities of new things to do with just me and the little one. But even with just one at home...it's still not FREE! I can't imagine that day!


My mom had a favorite book to hand us when we were "bored" called 'Bored, Nothing to Do' about the Wright Brothers. We either got that or a list of chores to do. Needless to say, we didn't often complain of being bored in summer. :)


Ah, yes. Having the house to yourself is nice...you might even say its rejuvenating. I do remember telling mom we were bored, but not too often, because she always she'd give us "something" to do and we always knew it would be something we DIDN'T want to do (housework)! And just for the record...I DIDN'T FRAME YOU!! I didn't write that stuff on the wall!! I was only two years older than you so chances are I might have written on the wall, but I probably would have written the names of football teams or something.


I honestly tried my best to hit your poor light fixture with those wads of paper the boys and I were playing with while we were out there - You would not believe how difficult it is to figure out the aim, timing, and force of a ceiling fan blade!

Oh Well, I'm sure the boys will eventually take down the fixture so you'll have an excuse to go all "Better Homes&Gardens" on your stairwell and living room! :)


I can totally relate. Four people calling Mommy all day long without a break. I have to just keep swimming :)

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