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June 02, 2009


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I love this post. What's funny is I am just starting this 'full-time-school' business. (Well, kindergarten is actually part time, isn't it?) And I am sad to not have Lauren around everyday! I like all your ideas on how to have fun this summer and become a kid again. I think I will be doing it too!

(and that little conversation you recorded is too cute!)


Aaaah, summer break, how I miss it. I used to plan one fun adventure a week with the kids. Now of course as they have entered adulthood, those summer moments are gone. On occasion, they allow me to tag along to a movie or dinner with them...especially if I'm paying. Regarding the sideline theme of your blog today, it's so true! Explain to me why is it when a woman is cooking dinner for her husband, it turns him on? Is it the domestic goddess thing?


However did you get so wise? Every time I read your blog I wish I had your insight when my kids were still little. I think I tried to do fun stuff with my kids, but looking back I wonder if I did enough, or if I could have done more. I wish I could have "given myself over to summer with children".


A few times I've attempted to do silly "kid" things to make my kids laugh.. their only response has been rolling their eyes, "Mom.. you're too OLD to do that." Ouch. Then I go do a crossing and have the 9 yr old girls tell me I look 19 and too young to be a "Crossing lady". That feels good.

P.S. I've noticed if I start conversations off with, "I was thinking about going to the mall. I heard Victoria's Secret is having a sale..." and then hit him with what I really want to talk about it's more effective. And I only said I was THINKING about going somewhere LATER. Silly boys.


I am not sure my children would believe me that I used to climb trees, play outside ALL day, explore the wooded area next to our home and be really dirty every single night of summer. They just do not know that side of their mother! I do hope to introduce fire flies to my children on a trip to the east coast one day....

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