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May 19, 2009


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This was so funny. I always had my psycho days every month until I discovered the IUD. It seemed to mellow me out and the visits were much more tollerable for everyone.


I totally agree with Julie~~don't miss it! With three teenage girls at home though, I still feel the pain--just not in my gut!
I'm sorry to laugh at your pain...but this was funny!
~~Love ya!~~


Aahhh, I do not miss my uterus one bit. But every once in a while I get PMS like symptoms and I wonder how that can be when all that "stuff" is gone that triggers it. I guess it's me and my crazy self.


You crack me up! I've never heard of Aunt Rose, she's always been Aunt Flo...but I am really beginning to like the new name Bellatrix. Much more fitting.


There's a cartoon that Becca and Mikey used to like to watch called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. There was one episode where a character was turning into a werewolf and as he grew hair and claws he yelled, "AH! Its....PUBERTY!" And sometimes I wonder if "Monthly Visits from aunt Flo" are in fact the true origin of the werewolf myth.

Ellisa, Becca, and I don't really have an "Aunt" that comes to visit but we do warn each other with a line from Ocean's 12, "The basement is flooded and the pilot light is out" which is what Julia Robert's says to George Clooney when the bad guys arrive - which is fitting because between cramps and back pains it truly does feel like you've been beaten up by a group of mobsters. :P

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