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March 04, 2009


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Did you know there's also a version at World Market? They distribute it themselves, manufactured in holland, and just as yummy as the Kroger brand: 750g for $4.
I remembered this post when I found it yesterday. :)

Susan Hayward

Shelly, you can put Nutella on toast, make a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, eat it straight from the tub, whatever you want!

Shelly T

I have not yet become addicted to Nutella or any version thereof, but I am sure I could be easily persuaded, as our tastes seem to be the same. What else do you put it on?

Susan Hayward

Jana: Heavy sigh. Eating anything Europe is heavenly, especially the bread. I'm wondering, did the Nutella there taste different than here?


When we've traveled in Europe we often eat fresh bread with Nutella for at least one meal/day to save money. Yum! When we have it at home it makes me feel like we're traveling again. :)

Susan Hayward

Shannon: I've seen Nutella at Costco, but I've got an addict in my house who would eat it straight from the jar with a spoon as well. The Kroger brand is really better, I promise.

Macey's has a generic brand?


I buy Nutella at Costco and it disappears pretty quickly around here (maybe because Livi eats it with a spoon).
Never, ever buy the generic brand at Macey's. It is SO nasty.


OH, HOW FUNNY! I always thought nutella was a french thing! (Either way, it is yummy on crepes, isn't it?)

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