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March 26, 2009


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Paisley Kleinhenz

AMEN sister! I read all four books in four days and did only what I had to so my family wouldn't think I had been kidnapped. In fact, I would like to read them again but I am afraid of being sucked into Twilight again. But my husband brought the movie home yesterday...


glad you took the plunge into the twilight world!!!


SUSAN! I am a victim of Twilight as well. I swore up and down I would never read those books but Jennie finally got me to read the first one. So I read that AND the 2 other ones in 3 days. And died when I learned I hate to wait for the 4th. Then I died when I had to wait for the movie. Saw it twice in the theater.

And, yes, I went to Macey's and bought the DVD at midnight. With Jennie.

I will let you borrow it if you want, but it comes attached to my hand. (Hey, free movie buddy!) I could watch it over and over. And over.

Ok, now that I feel like I've confessed something completely scandalous, I'll be quiet.


oh, see you had it bad too! :) I loved this post. Thanks for indulging me in another Edward moment.

Hey, I tried your green smoothie. It really is good! (Except mine was a really icky brown color once I added the blueberries) I left them out this morning just to see how it tasted...still delish! Brooke even ate/drank it with me. Thanks!

And my sympathies on your letter gone wrong. Been there, done that.

...now, I really do have to focus! I am training someone at work right now and I can't be daydreaming about Edward anymore! (at least until tonight when, perhaps, I will watch the movie again.)

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