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March 31, 2009


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Morgan (Your sister Julie's neice!)

This post is amazing!!!

It made me realize that I probably am more beautiful than most celebrities, and that I also and probably better off because i love myself how I am!

It just makes me really sad that the media makes us live up to something that doesn't even exist!

All girls need to know this!


I just thought of something else. Everyone should watch the movie, Penelope. It's a little dorky but the message is strong. Love yourself and the body you've been given! :)

Lindy Baker

I like this!!!! Thanks for disecting it for me. You are great!


Thanks for this reminder! I try real hard not to pay too much attention to how "good" famous people look and I try to remind my girls that it's all fake...but sometimes I need extra reminders...especially when my own body seems to be rejecting my efforts at getting fit and healthy!

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