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March 20, 2009


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oops...typo! I meant kids these days anyway! :p


This was a music class? It sounds an awful lot like the "study hall" (more like detention) class that I subbed in at the High School in Fallon! I definitely prefer the younger kids....like under 4th or 5th grade!!
What is it with kids these anyway?


And that, dear sister, is why I teach Preschool. I'd rather deal with poop, potty and crying. And you can't beat the hugs and kisses I get.


After I had Lauren, I stopped working directly in the classroom and became just the master teacher (wrote the curriculum for all the kindergarten teachers and trained the new teachers) One day, they asked if I wanted to sub. I missed interacting with the little ones so I decided to go ahead and do it.

Let's just say it was the last day I ever substituted. I came home that night and wrote a personal note to every sweet soul who ever came and substituted in my classroom for the years I did teach. I have a new respect for those who embark on that special adventure.

We've been out of town and I have been seriously missing your witty posts. Can't wait to "catch up" while I am at work this weekend.

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