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March 21, 2009


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Susan Sudol

Susan loved your writing! But wait, you don't have teenagers yet. Don't get to comfortable with your closet, you just might need to buy a new house!!!!!

You amaze me!

Susan Hayward

Dana: I am liking this place in my life. But I am totally aware that it will all change at any moment. I feel like I'm on vacation right now and soon will have to return to work!


Loved this! You are in a good place in your life right now. Just remember it will all change as your children grow. When I thought there wasn't much more I could do with my life - changes came. Jobs I didn't anticipate, a new career at age 45! You are not done yet and even though this is the best time in your life, new growth for you could still be waiting just around the corner. Cherish the moment. It doesn't last!


Thanks, Susan. I take comfort in your words, knowing I am not the only mom who has these feelings, and not the only mom who is less than perfect. I applaud you for your honesty in your writing!


My kids are still young enough this really appeals to me. I have learned a lot from having Lindsey 10 yrs ago. Balancing time for me and my kids is constantly part of my juggling act. But I find if I don't have something for myself I can't be a happy Mom. That took me years to not feel selfish about. Besides, isn't it good for kids to learn the world isn't all about them? Great writing!


How do I even begin to comment on that? Beautifully put, once again.

I may not be a professor but I can tell you that I very much enjoy what you write. Not only the things on your fun blog, but also on the gracious cards that often show up on my doorstep and make my day! (Thank you!)


EXCELLENT interpretation of the feelings of mothers everywhere! To everything there is a season....and an outfit to go with it! :)
By the way, I think you have done an awesome job with every endeavor you take on...you always amaze me!
I love you!!

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