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March 20, 2009


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Susan, you silly, silly girl! Potty training is about the only thing that you DON'T have to deal with when it comes to teenagers! The attitude is about the same though, "I don't wanna, and you can't make me! So get lost!"
Now, the lost memory comment....you might be right. I think I may be having memory problems, but I'm not really sure...I can't remember! :p


Oh dear.

I have a 2 year old who keeps asking to go potty on the toilet. Other than allowing her to sit on it occassionally, I have not pursued it any on my own...I remember all too well the 2 years worth of experiences with the older one and am dreading the day I have to take it seriously.

Thank you for adding a bit of humor to it for me! I may come back and read this again in a few months!

Susan Hayward

Mary: I have to potty train teenagers? But seriously, you don't have any bad memories of potty training? I think it must be that you lost part of your memory.


I love a good comedy, so I really enjoyed this! I don't remember having difficulties with potty training, although I did have one who wet the bed for quite awhile :( On the other hand, perhaps I just don't remember the traumatics of toddlerhood. So, like childbirth, pains are forgotten. It's only a short time....and besides, the worst is still yet to come....TEENAGERS!!!


Hey Susan! My name is Loni Hayward (collin's wife).. Thanks for keeping us updated on your blog! I LOVE this post!! You are such a GREAT writer AND photographer! You are very talented!! I am thinking of potty training my son, so I desperately needed this story! haha.. Thanks! :) I might think twice about starting right away! ;) Hope to see you guys again soon!!

Susan Hayward

Danielle: you will be an awesome mom. If you can survive potty training, you will survive almost anything.


ok, now I'm TERRIFIED of having kids.


Thanks for the humorous support.

I am happy to report that Josh has the pee thing down, and does not require his green m&m's everytime. (I only give them to him when he asks now) We are still working on the poop thing though. I know that takes a little longer sometimes.

Child number three has been a lot easier, but I think I just learned what not to do with child one and two.


When my #2 child was born, my biggest horror was that it would mean a second round of potty training. It's the worst!

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