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March 02, 2009


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Susan Hayward

Yeah, Calvin was my guinea pig, poor thing. I guess he still is--we're learning how to deal with teenager stuff now.


I love this too. I discovered this after having Lindsey. When they are ready it is easy, until then you can't force it. I loved how you put that into words. I know I am really going to enjoy your blog!

Susan Hayward

I think the reading bug is a genetic thing. All I did was have a bunch of books around and take them to the library all the time. I will say that I have two favorite times of the day: when Rick comes home from work and when I read with the boys. Even Calvin will let me read aloud to him. Hopefully this will make up for all the times I didn't get off my bum and go outside and play with them!


Oh Susan - You are not giving yourself enough credit. Somewhere in your mothering, you planted deep inside your boys the desire to read. I have always been in awe of the books they tote around even when they come to my house (their Grandmother). They come prepared for all the adventures we can come think up to do, but at the end of the day they all retire to a bed in my house to read. And read they do! Thanks for molding my grandchildren into such delightful, caring children in addition to prolific readers. As I have always said to you, "an educated mother creates and educated home". Love you!

Susan Hayward

I love how you put that: let them discover who they are. You are a great mom!


This esay could be talking about me! I didn't really research anything, but I did get a little work book for Emily to do, but my results were the same. She was not interested. So like you I just left my second child to imagination and preschool.

I think we have to let them discover who they are.

Susan Hayward

I didn't know you taught kindergarten. I bow down to your ovaries of steel. That is a tough job. Kids do often turn out just fine. And I think we as mothers do too. I'm looking forward to being a grandma to make up for the mistakes I've made as a mother.


Loved it!

I wish I'd had this essay to pass on to the parents of my kindergarten students back when I taught. We (I have to put myself in there to!) tend to worry so much about our kids and their success. They ALWAYS turn out just fine. But I am okay with the worry, it's my job as a mom.

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