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March 25, 2009


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I stumbled across your blog this evening by sheer accident. I happened to be curious about a photo on another blog about 1000 Awesome things it directed me here. At first I was impressed with your photos and beautiful portraits and food art, then I got to reading. I didn't read all of your posts but just happened to read this one and of course the one that followed. What a beautiful set of love letters! You moved me to tears and laughter so easily...probably because those words ring so true for many a happy couple. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such touching thoughts.


Susan this post was amazing. I need to clean with a better attitude.


Wow. When I intially saw the post I thought it would be about Rick leaving the toliet seat up or something. I really needed this yesterday morning as I was trying very hard to unconditionally love our littlest one. Your writing is so honest and human and universal to all Mormon housewives everywhere. Thanks for the smiles and the tears. I feel sometimes like I am a fly on the wall at your house! Your descriptions are so wonderful that it all plays through my head as I am reading it!


Beautiful. Your post made my heart feel good and my eyes water.


I love the part where you talk about the sound of Rick's laughter watching Mash reruns. Aah, memories. I can still remember like it was yesterday, laying in bed, listening to Rick downstairs laughing as he watched Mash after the news. You know the laugh as well and I do--I can't help but smile when I think about it!


Like everything else you write, this is great! I like a clean bathroom but I can let it go a little bit. I try to keep it clean for Mike (the kids are responsible for their bathrooms). However, when Mike is deployed the bathroom can get dangerously close to resembling a public restroom :p OK, not really that bad....but there are so many other things that seem so much more important!


This is a great post. I have to say Ryan is pretty good about helping me clean (When I ask) and when I do get him to clean the bathroom he does a better job than I do.

But I have had days when I have felt like all I ever do is clean everyone elses mess. I guess that is one of the joys of motherhood.

I am like you, I would much rather be doing ANYTHING else.

Susan Hayward

Shelby: I will follow your example and try to remind myself that I'm cleaning for my family, not because I'm Dobby the House elf.

In my house, things have to be recleaned within minutes!

Susan Hayward

Shannon: RON CLEANS BATHROOMS? I am so impressed. If I were you, I'd keep him.


I loved this letter. One of the things that helps me enjoy cleaning my house is because I know I am doing it for my family. It makes it feel a bit more worthwhile especially knowing that I'll probably be re-cleaning whatever I am cleaning in a few short hours again. Thanks for the reminder! I love visiting your blog!


I loved this post. You express things so well.
We have had our share of cleaning responsibility conversations here too.
After kid #5, Ron said, "Would it help you if I cleaned the bathrooms?"...and in my head choirs of angels started singing "he gets it..he finally gets it."

I kind of feel guilty (for a minute) on Saturday mornings when he's bent over the toilet, gagging and scrubbing away after working hard all week.

Every time I walk by the clean bathrooms, it reminds me that he is trying to help and wants me to be happy.
(And that makes me a little less annoyed that he rarely changes a diaper)

Susan Hayward

Allison: You make me very happy. We--and that includes I--love you too!


Susan, there are tears forming in my eyes because of this. And you need to stop, because the boy is right across the room from me, and I don't want him to see me all gushy and get distracted from what he is working on.

I'm printing this out and keeping it forever because it is absolutely beautiful. I love your family! And I love you!

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