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March 25, 2009


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Susan Sudol

It's sunday night and I am just reading your blog. Love everything you write. Love the picture of Rick! Love the pictures of the cookies and flowers, Love you!

Paisley Kleinhenz

You and I could have been twins separated at birth. I just started reading your blog and I identify with just about every post you write. It is nice to know someone, even someone I don't know, can really get me! Thanks!


Just to let you know, I totally "got" your post yesterday. I loved it so much that I told Jamey about it at the dinner talble last night. He's going to kill me for saying this, but he actually had a tear in his eye. I love reading your musings and thank you for allowing me to catch a glimpse into your family's life. I'm sure it's not easy to open up like that--but it is very honest and real and we can all relate!
p.s. I love the picture of Rick, how is it that he never ages?


It seems like no matter what I do when I write about my extended family, I manage to offend someone. This writing stuff is hard--our own truths are so subjective and it's tough to tell stories that are "true" but aren't all pollyanna.


You've done it again--made everything so clear! I think all the "Venitians"(?) knew what you were trying to say, but we never thought about how it might be taken differently by "Martians". I guess sometimes we have to step back and try to see and hear things from their point of view too. This was a good reminder.
~~To Rick....The whole family thinks you are a great dad! and brother-in-law! and uncle! and husband! to our nephews and our sister / aunt! :)

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