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March 17, 2009


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Susan Hayward

Laura R: my condolences on no cats in your house. And you are not evil for not liking dogs. You might enjoy reading my post called Wonder Cat if you're a cat lover.

Susan Hayward

Nicole: Yikes! Hope Tessa's ok. A dog almost attacked me while I was jogging in my mom's neighborhood in Calif. and scared the socks off of me too. He was also off leash.


Okay, maybe we hate dogs now too. Tessa was bit by a dog walking home from school Monday. Not only did the bite break the skin, but she was terrified! Shame on neighbors who let their dogs roam the neighborhood off a leash!!!! Good thing this adorable dog looks like it wouldn't hurt a flea.


I actually do hate most dogs. Oh my I know I am evil. I do love cats, but everyone around here is allergic.

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