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March 05, 2009


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Oh my! I've learned never to take offense at the pregnant question (although, I admit I do indeed, look like I did just prior to giving birth!). That question is ALWAYS posed out of the ignorance of the asker. I saw a sign once that said, "NEVER ask someone if they are pregnant unless you actually see a baby coming out of them!" I think that is excellent advice! :)

Susan Hayward

Laura, au contraire my friend. Not all overalls are created equal. I once had a pair that looked just awful. A girl in my old ward stared at my stomach and asked, "Are you pregnant?" AND I WASN'T. As you can see this is something that I've entirely recovered from.


Overalls are horrible on me. You, however, look cute in everything. Must be all that running...

Susan Hayward

Ah yes, the pricing phenomenon. Sometimes I come across grossly overpriced merch. at DI too. Good job finding what you really wanted at a great price. I love Ikea too!

Shelly T

I went into a Goodwill yesterday looking for cool chairs for portraits (something I probably would not have done if not for your recent DI post)-- I couldn't help thinking of you the whole time my nose twitched because of the funny smells! (by the way, didn't find anything-just a cool orange IKEA stool that was wobbly and marked for $8 which I found and bought at IKEA today for $5.99!

Susan Hayward

Jana, overalls look strange and baggy on me too. And if you buy them large, wedgies aren't a problem!

Our dishwasher broke last year so we have broken quite a few things too. My kids always look amazed when I just throw the broken things in the trash and say, "No big deal. I'll just get another."

I love the idea of carrying a tape measure and your kids' sizes. Now there are twelve commandments. Thanks!


I only wish I could wear overalls as well as you can, Susan (they always look very strange and baggy on me and ride up my butt when I bend over).

We buy lots of dishes from the Goodwill because we break a lot of them (due to no dishwasher except the 8 klutzy hands around here). We have the prettiest most eclectic set of dishes ever. :)

My best tip is to carry a tape measure with you and a list of your measurements and those of your kids. That way you can shop for family members even if they aren't there or you can figure it whether most clothes will fit before you get to the dressing room (our goodwill has the worst unisex dressing rooms with broken door locks--hate them!)

Susan Hayward

Hillary: The fashion show sounds great. And the consignment shops in Washington sound like a dream come true. You're right--families are larger in Utah, which does make for slim pickings in the kids department. When I visit my mom in San Diego I always go thrift shopping too. Thanks for the comment!


Thanks for the tips!

When I was in Young Womens we had a DI Fashon Show. Before the activity we had to go to the DI and buy an outfit for the show. I found a "NEW" really fun pair of jeans that ended up being one of my favorites to wear. All of the girls found some really cute things.

I admit that I am not a regular at the DI, but I am a bargin hunter. I often find myself telling people how much I spent on something.

PS. The consignment shops by my moms in Washington are always a success when shopping for my kids. The people up there have one girl and one boy and then they sell everything to the shops.

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