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March 23, 2009


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Because of Mikey's hair only being able to sport one type of haircut, we always just use Halloween hair color things and make pictures or designs in his hair on crazy hair days. He thinks it's cool...although, he may not think so next year. Look on the bright side...if you're guys aren't too happy about having their hair go every which way, then maybe they won't want to do that style on a regular basis! :p

Susan Hayward

Shelby: You make me laugh! I have OCD too, which is why I can't own any of the Twilight books or I'd never stop reading them. I would really like to read your post. In fact, it's making me want to revive an essay I started about Twilight. Hum...

Susan Hayward

Shannon: Sometimes kids can be little stinkers. I want to know who made fun of Ethan so I can go beat them up.


I love their hair. I love that Calvin was suddenly okay when compared to Edward.

I have OCD (Obssesive CULLEN Disorder) and think he looks pretty schnazy too...like 'my' Edward. I posted about my "OCD" last night and Mike didn't find it funny ...even made me delete the post. Maybe I should go clean the toilet for him? :)


My kids were late today because we were doing hair. (but, then, we're always late anyway) Last year I put Ethan's hair in elastics to make spikes, but he came home sad because everyone said he looked like a girl with pigtails. I felt this year I had to make it up to him.

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