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March 23, 2010


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(I'm trying to catch up on all your blog posts since I've been glued to textbooks for the past month :P)

I just wanted to let ya know that just cause making potato chips takes a while, doesn't mean you'll eat them any slower.
I know this for a fact because last year I enjoyed making my own sea salt and malt vinegar potato chips using the microwave (according to the articles I read about this method on the internet, it can actually dehydrate the chips a little better than a conventional oven - and everyone knows you can believe everything you read on the internet! :P) -- They took forever to make (partially because I didn't have a mandolin slicer and had to slice them one by one very carefully and very thinly using a knife which, thanks to Mom's fear of slicing off fingers, was dull and partially because you have to work with every single slice - rather than a machine chopping, rinsing, baking and seasoning them in a super short amount of time or all in one go) but between my snacking on them and my family snacking on them, by the time I'd finished making a batch, what I'd produced was completely gone.

...I do love me some chips tho!


I have tried them and I liked the sweet potato ones. I bought a bag of them for fourth of July once...they were red, white and blue. I don't remember what veggies each was made of...beets, white potatoes and blue potatoes, maybe? But no one ate the red ones so I never got that kind again. I had the fruit ones once too, now THOSE were also a yummy treat!


I own a mandoline! If you ever want try making some of these tasty treats you are welcome to use it. All I require is a small sample of your labors in return:)


Hmmm...we've made sweet potato chips before but we've never tried beets. We do like the sweet potato ones because we can season them however we like. Red potty would be startling.

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