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January 13, 2010


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Ha ha. Tracy wasn't sure about the soupy version when he first tried it. Mac and cheese has evolved into a more middle ground at our house. A little soupy/a little thicker. But it HAS to be covered with salt and pepper. Yummy.


Team soupy and peppered!


My kids prefer the cheap mac and cheese as well, so why bother slaving over the stove to make the good stuff. Mac and cheese from the blue box is Emma's favorite staple at college, especially with barbeque sauce. She's quite the gourmet cook now. All of her roommates just love it when she makes her special mac and cheese!


Well, I cannot ignore the mac and cheese debate - by the way we always called it Kraft Dinner, which is why Rick probably thought it was the only kind to buy. As far as his mixing and seasoning, he is doing it totally the way I did. We liked it soupy and peppered. Yep! I imprinted my way of fixing it in his mind. It is ok with me if he has changed, but for me I still like the soupy variety. No wonder your kids looked at me with with raised eyebrows the last time I fixed it for them.

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