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January 20, 2010


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You should just be happy they're dressed! :p
I'm sure the day will come when they take forever getting their hair "just so" for a date or something...and then you'll wish they were still little boys with messy hair!


Another hilarious insight into your life and family. Keep it up Susan - I know there is a future book here! You won't even have to sit down to write it, just print and send to a publisher. You just need to think of a clever title. Love you and the boys! This also made me think of when I tended the boys when you have been out of town. I would direct them to the bathroom after they thought they were ready for school. Pull out a spray water bottle, spray them down and proceed to plaster their hair in what I thought was a good style for boy's hair. I would always get the same rolling of their eyes as they watched in the mirror. I am sure they "fixed" it the minute I dropped them off for school. Gotta love boys!


That is classic! You have three fabulous boys and should be one proud mama, clean underwear or not!


We love Jake! And your other two boys as well, but Jake keeps us laughing. You have described your boys to a T. It's funny how every child is different, isn't it? Each one is unique and has his/her own special traits. We love them all.

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