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December 24, 2009


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What a beautiful family! As usual Jakie stills the picture! He is so cute!


such a cute picture!!! happy new years!!!


Merry Christmas!
The family pix is great!! Love it!


Merry Christmas, Susan. I sent a few email cards and even then only to the few emails I had in my contacts. :) I love your photography and blog. Keep it up.


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Julie B.

I didn't do Christmas cards either this year! I baked one batch of sugar cookies for my preschool classes and I tried one batch of a new recipe- which really didn't work. That was the extent of my holiday baking. But I must say, it was nice cutting back this year. Love your photo! I keep every single photo you send.
Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you too! My cards are still sitting on my kitchen counter if it makes you feel any better! :)

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