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December 22, 2009


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I am so excited to have this recipe!!!! These cookies are the best! Thanks!


We had a friend deliver these to our house about 8 years ago for Christmas. I begged her for the recipe....they were SO good I thought for sure she'd put up a fight and keep the recipe all to herself. She didn't. She gladly wrote it all out so pretty on a recipe card for me. They've been one of my favorite Christmas Cookies (right next to my Grandpa's Fruitcake Cookies) ever since! YUM!


This is cool activity for kids. I had no plan for christmas but tomorrow, I am going to do with my son. thanks. I try to follow your receipe.


You should have told me that you weren't baking this year. I made way too many gingerbread cookies and would have loved to have shared with you. I thought I was doubling the recipe, but in my exhausted state, I actually put in 4 times the amount of butter. I guess I need to go back to math 101, but I attribute it to too much holiday stress. That and I had just finished teaching a friend how to make them and decided to make some for Church and the family. Everybody loves the soft gingerbread men.


Yeah! I LOVE these cookies- thanks for sharing the recipe.

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