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September 30, 2009


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a few of my friends totally rave about this place too! next time i am in utah, i will be trying out myself! loved the pix!

Colton Soelberg

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We love the Pizzeria as much as it sounds like you did. To give you another option we just opened our second restaurant, Communal, in downtown Provo. No pizza but plenty of delicousness.

Lindy Baker

I love Pizzeria 712! The owners were the former dessert chefs at Sundance.


Okay, when I was 8 wks pregnant with Lauren, Mike and I took one last couples vacation to France. It was fabulous....except we often got back to our hotel late at night and STARVING! (The real reason French women are skinny) The only place we could find open was a little 'pizza hut' across the street from our hotel. I think we ate that pizza four nights in a row and on top of the changes pregnancy makes to an appetite, it was pretty much disgusting. It RUINED pizza for me...especially when I am pregnant.

...However, your description of this Pizzaria 712 actually made me salivate! Sounds like the kind the make in Italy. Yum!


YUM!!! we will have to try it out!!! thanks

Susan Hayward

The pizzas are about the same size as Little Caesar's and the one we ordered was about $10, I think. It was a good deal considering the quality of the ingredients.


This sounds like a neat place--and our family does love pizza! What are the prices like?

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